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DSD February 15, 2018: "Abuja" - Jarell Ebuka


The Guys from {MUSIC}

DSD February 15, 2018: "Abuja" - Jarell Ebuka

Shaun Cordingley

Welcome to the "Daily Song Drop":'s song of the day feature where our resident indie music writer and former DJ Shaun Cordingley features a song every weekday that he feels you need to hear. If you enjoy the track, please share it, so we can keep on talking about great new music!

Abuja - Jarell Ebuka 

London-based indie folk singer/songwriter Jarell Ebuka's most recent single "Abuja" is today's Daily Song Drop (with a shoutout to Tetta for sharing it), because...well you'll hear...

Check out the track below: 

I love the scale of "Abuja"-- I'm not actually sure how Ebuka was able to balance a warm, at-home folk feel (particularly in the beautifully played acoustic guitar) with a more dynamic, lush scale that gives the track a cinematic quality. Lyrically, the track is gorgeous, finding a great balance between a wistful, yearning for home, but with a glowing, (I'll say it again) warm base of looking ahead to something great. By striking this balance, "Abuja" stands out as a striking indie folk track that is one of those songs that it not only feels great to listen to, but you can listen to over and over again, and that feeling never goes away. 

I just want to say again, as I did briefly mention it, but I absolutely love the guitar in "Abuja"; it provides the grounding for the track, always just bubbling behind the vocals, or when Ebuka adds more musical depth, but it never goes away, and the progression is just so sweet. 

If this is your first introduction to Jarell Ebuka, then be sure to check out a few of his other tracks, with a personal favourite of mine being the moving "Many Years Ago", and be sure to keep an eye out for more from this up-and-coming singer/songwriter. 

As promised, here are the January 2018 Apple Music Playlist, and the January 2018 Spotify Playlist for the Daily Song Drop. It seems like we are starting off the month with the traditional "one song is missing" (that being "Board It Up" by Nekokat), but all in all it's a pretty fun list to start the year off!
Plus it was not the usual soul-murdering December/January blended list that always drove me nuts every year with its' "two months" of songs to try and fit together.
Who does that?

If you're looking for any of our past playlists, be sure to check out a Friday DSD feature, or search for theguysfrom on either Apple Music or Spotify!

See you tomorrow for our next Daily Song Drop! 

-S (@Shauncord

The Guys From do not hold the rights to any "Daily Song Drop" songs, it is more our hope to expose our readers to new and different music that we are enjoying, or re-expose them to artists they may have forgotten about.

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photo credit: Alfred Hermida Depeche Mode via photopin (license)