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Dave's Thoughts on The Patriots' First Game

David R. Smith

Shaun alluded to the fact that I might be writing some New England Patriots related articles, and that's exactly what is happening. If I'm able to watch the games, I'm going to try and write about my thoughts on them. I was able to watch last night's remarkable game between the Patriots and the Cardinals, so here I am writing about it!

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Dave's Been Curling!

David R. Smith

I curled briefly in high school. I wasn't part of any curling team, or anything. I didn't have enough interest in it then. We did it as part of the phys-ed 30 course, which meant there was about a 3-4 week period where we'd go an learn to curl every other day. It was awesome. When the end of the unit came, it cumulated in a bonspiel. What a ton of fun that was. It made me love the sport.

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