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The Guys' 2016 NFL Picks Revisited


The Guys' 2016 NFL Picks Revisited

Shaun Cordingley

As we are here in SuperBowl week, getting ready for the Patriots to play the Falcons, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back at what we had thought about this season before it started, and see just how horribly wrong (and in some cases, horribly right) we both were on that episode of the Podcast

I have to say, we actually did pretty well (all things considered), but I'll leave the final feelings up to you on whether or not you want to actually believe us when we make picks: 

AFC EAST: Patriots

Dave's Pick- Patriots

Shaun's Pick- Patriots 

--hold your please: no photos....thank you, no really, thank you. 

AFC NORTH: Steelers

Dave's Pick- Bengals 

Shaun's Pick- Steelers

--Oh Dave, your fondness for the Bengals is always your undoing (it's really not, I mean really, I have no idea what happened in Cincinnati--I thought they were going to take a step back, but I did not think that it would be this far backwards...they were bad this year...and HOW DOES MARVIN LEWIS STILL HAVE A *********** ******** JOB?). Proud of my Steelers this year--they took the steps forward I was hoping to see, despite a rocky section in the middle of the season...


Dave's Pick: Texans 

Shaun's Pick: Texans 

--Despite their best efforts to not win the division (and the awesomeness of the Titans being fun), the Texans managed to pull it off...even though Brocko was a complete waste of money....if this team can ever find someone who can not suck as a quarterback (and stay healthy for a while), they could actually go places....

or lose to the Titans next know...whatever.  

AFC WEST: Chiefs

Dave's Pick: Chiefs 

Shaun's Pick: Raiders 

--Tough division, but Dave totally nailed this...even though Oakland could've easily won this division if Carr did not get injured (and I stand by that 100%...that team is not the same without their leader). The loss of Houston on defense for KC was not as big of a deal as I was expecting it to be, and that guy can fly. 

AFC Wildcard Teams: Raiders & Dolphins

Dave's Picks: Steelers & Broncos

Shaun's Picks: Bengals & Broncos 

--Dave knew the Steelers were going to be good, and this was where I thought the Bengals would sneak in (as again, I thought they'd take a step back, just not this far), so we basically just alternated our north picks, and then we both thought that the Broncos would manage to get in on the strength of their defense....but they were a shadow of themselves this year, and had a lot more to deal with in their division. I'm down with the Raiders making it, as I did have them in the division...and no one saw the dolphins improving this much...but it's nice to see them starting to get competitive again, even if they were in over their heads in the playoffs (boom). 

NFC EAST: Cowboys

Dave's Pick: Eagles 

Shaun's Pick: Giants 

--I did not see Dak and Elliott being that good that fast, but it was totally impressive what they were able to put together...and hey, I still feel really darn good about that Giants pick, considering they were up there (and made the playoffs)...but yeah. Congratulations to the Cowboys on putting together a good regular season...and then losing (like ya do). 

NFC NORTH: Packers

Dave's Pick: Packers

Shaun's Pick: Packers 

--Yeah...they made it interesting (and they endlessly seem to get injured), but with Bridgewater out, the Vikings lost too many games down the's the Packers division until somebody actually consistently steps up (good try this year Detroit). 

NFC SOUTH: Falcons

Dave's Pick: Panthers 

Shaun's Pick: Panthers 


I have no idea what happened to Carolina this year, and wow, did Atlanta's defense ever take a gigantic leap forward....and that offense is a treat to watch; they somehow, quietly, turned into the best team in the NFC...

Which means the Buccaneers will win the division next year when Dave and I take the Falcons...


NFC WEST: Seahawks

Dave's Pick: Cardinals 

Shaun's Pick: Cardinals 

--Ugh, I have no idea what happened to Arizona this year...what a horrifying regression they underwent this season...and that Seattle offensive line was as weak as I thought it was going to be (pressure killed them all year), but they were able to put some good wins together to win their division. 

NFC WILDCARD: Giants & Lions

Dave's Picks: Seahawks & Falcons 

Shaun's Picks: Seahawks * Buccaneers 

--Dave ended up picking two division winners for his picks, so they did (indeed) both make the playoffs, and while my Buccaneers did not make the playoffs, it was down to tie-breaks with the Lions (as they had the same W/L record) so I actually feel pretty darn good about that pick (even though they didn't win the right to get pummeled by Seattle....good job Detroit). All in all, I think we did pretty well, especially when you consider the fact that we even talked about Dak Prescott Rookie of the Year dominating with the Cowboys as a possible surprise. 

AFC Championship: Patriots v. Steelers

Dave's Pick: Patriots v. Steelers

Shaun's Pick: Patriots v. Steelers

--Boom. Now obviously, we both picked our respective teams to win outside of this, as I was not about to fight my fondness for Pittsburgh, but I think it is kind of cool that we absolutely nailed the AFC Championship, and that it was our favourite teams playing each other. 

Now if only Butler had realized (LIKE EVERYONE ELSE) that you cannot play zone against the Patriots, I might have actually been happy about that game...

NFC Championship: Falcons v. Packers

Dave's Pick: Cardinals v. Panthers

Shaun's Pick: Cardinals v. Packers 

--Again. Cardinals. Failing. So hard....but at least I had the the that Falcons team came out as a big ol' surprise, and it should be a pretty exciting Superbowl 


Dave's Pick: Cleveland 

Shaun's Pick: Cleveland 

--This wasn't a pick anyone needed to think about, I mean, I actually picked them to be 1-15 this year, so I even nailed how absolutely laughable of a team the Browns are. 


Dave's Pick: Bears 

Shaun's Pick: 49ers

--I don't know if I should be proud of this pick or not...because...I don't really wish for anyone to go through the awfulness that the San Francisco fans have had to go through this year, PLUS as an Oregon Ducks Football fan, I'm generally quite disappointed to see Chip Kelly being a complete failure.
Plus, Dave's pick went 3-13, while mine squeaked in with a sparkling 2-14 record (so both picks were remarkably bad--and he made some good points about how bad that team has consistently been.)

Biggest Surprise Team: Dallas Cowboys

Dave's Pick: Jaguars

Shaun's Pick: Jaguars 

--I feel like the Cowboys coming out of the season, led by 2 rookies to the best record in the NFL qualifies as the biggest surprise of the year--they were super good, and it was fun to watch (and a good thing for all of those suffering Cowboys fans who have to put up with a lot of mediocrity). 

Jacksonville. Man, we both bought into the hype of how damn good you looked on paper, and how Bortles seemed to be getting better over the course of last season...making him look like he might be ready to take the next step...but we forgot the number two rule of NFL football: 

Jacksonville is terrible until they actually prove otherwise. Bradley was just...awful...and I hope that a new coach can turn them around. 

Biggest Disappointment: Arizona Cardinals or New York Jets

Dave's Pick: Cowboys

Shaun's Pick: Flyin' Snyders 

--Considering we both had the Cardinals in the Superbowl that has to be the biggest disappointment of the year...they were good and then all of a sudden they just...weren't. I think injuries took a toll, but they also lost some strange games this year...I also wanted to throw the Jets on the list because, while the Bengals did take a big ol' step backwards, there was a lot of hype around the Jets (getting Fitz back etc.) and they were screaming "Playoff team" at everyone who would listen. 
They being Jets fans, and some media....but they forgot NFL rule number three: 
The Jets are the Jets. 

Dave was wrong. Really, really wrong. 
I feel like I was also wrong, as Washington was able to hang around the conversation, but they never were quite able to put everything together again (because, as I said in the podcast, their defense is an inconsistent mess) 

Well there you have it; all in all I'd say we did pretty good this year, though we missed terribly in the places we always seem to miss terribly...

Hope you enjoy the Superbowl; Dave says "Go Pats", and I Say "SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS!" 

-S (@Shauncord)

photo credit: Keith Allison Terrelle Pryor via photopin (license)