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Monday Morning Dave: Thoughts on The Patriots' Week 4


Monday Morning Dave: Thoughts on The Patriots' Week 4

David R. Smith

Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I didn't get a chance to watch the game, because I was in the theatre all day. But I was getting the score updates and was cursing. A lot. 

Rex? We had to lose to Rex? That arrogant tool? Ugh. Now he's going to be more insufferable than normal. I'm not thrilled about this, Patriots fans. And I guess none of you are, either. So we're all suffering together. That's about the only consolation I could get from this. 

I don't know what happened on the field and how we just got embarrassed at home like that, but something did. 

Apparently there was a little dustup before the game even started so at least Patriots fans had something to cheer about. 

What do I know going forward? I know one thing. We get Tom back. Get ready world because TB12 is back next week and he is going to be playing angry. I know in this league that may mean jack, but I'm excited. He's sat out four games, he went on a nice little vacation with Giselle to Italy, so I'm sure he's just in a terrific headspace. But now he's coming back. He's done his time for a suspension he didn't think was justified but took it on to prevent even more distraction. He's ready to come back. 

And we play the Browns. I'm not saying this is a guarantee. Nothing in this world is a guarantee. But this seems like the perfect game for Tom to come back to. It's as close to a scrimmage as he can get in a real NFL schedule. Maybe he saw the schedule and decided to take his suspension now, knowing who his opponent would be when he got back. I dunno. 

Anyway. They'd better bring it. I'm pissed about today's game and I want revenge as much as Tom does. 

Prediction for next week's game: Patriots 1,000-Browns 3.

But hey! At least the Red Sox swept that final series against the Blue Jays. Oh. Shit. Right. 


-D (@davidronn)