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TGf{P} EP092- Batman v. Superman Reaction to David Price


Home of The Guys From {PODCAST}, a podcast where Two Guys answer any question they are posed by their audience.

TGf{P} EP092- Batman v. Superman Reaction to David Price

Shaun Cordingley

This week, @Shauncord and @davidronn tackle to fairly topical questions on the {PODCAST}. Submit your questions to the Guys directly, or through @guysfrompodcast. 

Our first question was from David (not that David), who wanted our opinions on the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, which the guys do (including Dave's confusion as to why Xena was in it), plus take a look at what they think about 'Batffleck' and what superhero Matt Damon could/should play.

Our second question came to us via our email ( from Jeffery, who wanted our (and specifically Dave's) thoughts on the Boston Red Sox signing David Price to his massive new free agency contract. What follows is a conversation about both Price and the Red Sox, and the Guys' thoughts on the 'farewell tour' some athletes are taking in their last year before retirement.

Special Thanks to The Sweets ( and to The Left Behinds ( for their song "Streetlight Owl" taking us out this week.