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TGf{P} EP091- Black Friday for Eternal Life with Comfort Food


Home of The Guys From {PODCAST}, a podcast where Two Guys answer any question they are posed by their audience.

TGf{P} EP091- Black Friday for Eternal Life with Comfort Food

Shaun Cordingley

Shaun (@Shauncord) and Dave (@davidronn) answer three questions this week on the {PODCAST} from awesome listeners who all decided to spite Dave and tweet at Shaun:

First off, for Michele, The Guys discuss their thoughts on 'Black Friday' and the whole sale phenomenon, and establish the fact that they are very much not hyper-consumerist, as they really don't get the idea of stampeding for cheap speakers.

Secondly, for Scott, The Guys discuss a couple of ideas of resurrection/life prolonging through technology (spurred on by an article Scott sent Shaun to check out). What follows is a fairly easy conversation (avoiding some of the deeper philosophy of the question) about the concept of uploading "yourself" into an artificial body, and/or body-regenesis; most brains hurt at the end of this one so...

Wrapping up this weeks, is an answer to Jack's question about the Guys' favourite comfort foods, which means the guys talk about awesome food and memories of growing up for a few minutes, while both were still dealing with the whole 'what is a soul' thing...CHILI!!!

Special thanks to The Sweets ( for, as always, providing us with our opening music, and for their song "Prairie Blues" to take us out this week.

Don't forget to send us (or you know, just Shaun) topics! We are always on the lookout to answer your questions!