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TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 (30-21)


The Guys from {MUSIC}

TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 (30-21)

Shaun Cordingley

Welcome back to's Top 50 Songs of 2017! So far we have talked about twenty songs...which if you have missed our first two entries, here you go:

TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 (50-41)

TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 (40-31)

Now, without further meandering on my part (I'll do enough of that later), here is 30-21! 


First Featured on TGF on May 1

"IDEK" is a song that I have sent to, or introduced to any and all of my friends who enjoy hip hop and every single one of them have dug it. It's such a great chill, cruising song (which I have, indeed listened to it while driving on more than one occasion) that I'm still a bit surprised that I haven't heard RED in more places, espeically after the release of his album Better Late Than Never earlier this year...
Regardless, great song by a great guy. 

Shun the Sun Because I Don't Breathe Youth

First Featured on TGF on July 5

"Shun the Sun" is such an epic, weird, and wonderful pop song that I swear I hear more out of it every time I listen to it (and considering we first talked about it in July, I have heard it a lot in this second half of the year). I have no idea how Blyolk managed to mix all of these seemingly disperate elements together, but he did, and the song is absolutely awesome.


First Featured on TGF on October 20

I think I enjoy "Bravado" a little bit more every time I listen to it: DÉMIRA's use of an energetic, horn-laced musical section to bring a driving tempo to her brilliantly written lyrics (I cannot begin to tell you how many people mention this song, and her lyrics when they talk to me). She has an amazing voice that somehow fits this (strangely) wonderful indie folk to a tee, and I am very much looking forward to hearing more from DÉMIRA in the future. 

Life Goes On

First Featured on TGF on December 14

An emotionally charged summer anthem from Australian E^ST the beautifully captures those feelings of yearning, loss, and love that we have all felt, all buffeted by a smashing piano/percussion combo that perfectly accentuates E^ST's gorgeous vocals. 
Make sure you keep this one handy for summer 2018, because it's going to be perfect for a lot of summer nights. 

Warm Fire Lightning
Satellite Mode

First Featured on TGF on February 13

"Warm Fire Lightning" (released late last year as a single, but again this year as a part of Wild Excuses -EP this year) is one of those songs that has stuck with me through all of 2017. The guitar-featured rock blended in with an addictive synth-loop, all working to help feature the gorgeous, ballad-style vocals (that are so, so hard not to sing along to) all comes together into a song that I just adore listening to, and still stop to enjoy every time it comes up on a random playlist. 


First Featured on TGF on September 7

"Computer" is an indie electronic song that I'm pretty sure I have liked a little bit more every time I hear it; the synth is fun, but for me, this is a track that is all about those retro-style vocals. I adore the fact that this is a track that really takes an old fashioned aesthetic (the sweetest of sweet vocals and harmonies), and seamlessly blended them into something super modern...but I believe that if you took the electronic instrumentation out, and put these vocals in a 1940s or 1950s track, they would fit perfect, and that is just so cool to me. 

Big Fat Mouth

First Featured on TGF on April 13

"Big Fat Mouth" is a song that never ceases to bring a smile to my face whenever I listen to it: the cross between Foster the People, and a sort of retro-beach pop-rock is so awesome, and gives the top-layer of this song an incredibly attractive sound. What makes it stick around so well though, is when you get passed the retro awesomeness and get in on the lyrics, you get a really well written track that tells an engaging story. 
Considering this was also arlie's debut single, I am very much looking forward to hearing much more from them. 

Endless Memory
The Lightning Year

First Featured on TGF on August 3

Another debut single here, this time from The Lightning Year and this combination of pop-rock, psychedelia with a definite journey; this is a song that starts off in one place, and then builds into a rather sweeping, powerful indie rock track that is best if listened to loud, and then leaves you wishing that the song was just a little bit longer (or that you can get to the repeat button quickly). 

All My Life

First Featured on TGF on August 29

WILD is a band that I have featured on lot....basically since we started, and that will probably never change: WILD is one of my absolute favourite folk bands. I can't really be clearer then that--I love their harmonies, I love the way they balance songs, and let them build, and I think they are all excellent musicians (the guitar never disappoints). "All My Life" is a song that I can come in at any point, and sing along to without hesitation. 

Bare My Soul
Empathy Test

First Featured on TGF on April 24

"Bare My Soul" is a fascinating electronic...ambient...(1980s) pop ballad that I found myself (especially on bad days) getting pulled back to in order to belt the song out with them. When I first wrote about Empathy Test, I talked about how this is a song that has a scope to it (thanks to some neat sci-fi influences) that it would be amazing to see at a big concert, but to be honest, it's pretty great with your best headphones on, jamming along on a rainy (or snowy) night. 

It keeps getting harder and harder to not just gush about every song, especially considering how much I enjoy them all...but I suppose I shouldn't complain as it is only going to get worse...
Obviously I'm not going to give you the Playlist of the Top 50 until Friday, but if you cannot wait, you can always check out the TGF Top 21 Songs of 2016 and TGF Top 15 of 2015 on Apple Music, or you can check out the December Apple Music Playlist, and the December '17 Spotify Playlist now. 

See you again tomorrow as we get into the Top 20 Songs of 2017!

-S (@Shauncord)

The Guys From do not hold the rights to any "Daily Song Drop" songs, it is more our hope to expose our readers to new and different music that we are enjoying, or re-expose them to artists they may have forgotten about.

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