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A Letter from Shaun: Tuesday Tunes is Dead--Long Live the Daily Song Drop (DSD)


The Guys from {MUSIC}

A Letter from Shaun: Tuesday Tunes is Dead--Long Live the Daily Song Drop (DSD)

Shaun Cordingley

Hey...sooooo...remember when I said that I was no longer going to be doing Tuesday Tunes? 

Well, it's true: I've decided to change gears on the indie music side of, by introducing a "Song of the Day" concept instead, known as the "Daily Song Drop" (or DSD) where every weekday (that's Monday-Friday, no real decision on holidays yet...that'll probably be a holiday-by-holiday decision) I will be posting and discussing one (1) song with you, every morning, at 10 AM EST. 

The reasons for this are:

  1. I have been (believe it or not) listening to your feedback, and appreciate the fact that for a lot of you, it is very hard to listen to all 5 tracks at once, and then you end up missing a couple and/or get distracted by "Throwback Tracks", and one song at a time is super easy to digest. 
  2. I'm looking forward to continuing to talk about (mostly) indie music with a bit more fluidity, and the ability to focus more on a single track and artist. That does not mean that every DSD is going to have a long, drawn out descriptions (largely I can imagine seeing more of them settling around where they were in "Tuesday Tunes") but if I do have more to say, or an artist does, I have more room for it, and more freedom within the structure to do it.
  3. Now that Dave has taken over "Throwback Tracks" full time, I do not have that crunch on my music time, which means I can finally do a song of the day without having that "oh crap I still have to listen to April Wine for an hour tomorrow" feeling. 
  4. This may also allow me more of an ability to use SoundCloud, on top of YouTube etc. 
  5. This is something I want to do. 

I guess, if you are ravenously angry at these changes, feel free to let me know...but I think at the end of the day, we are all going to enjoy this a little bit more, and you are going to be getting the same amount of music (if not a little bit more) that you have always been. 

I will (also) still be making the Playlists. They will be continuing to come out on Apple Music, but if I do hear from a few more of you that you want Spotify, I will look into it (it's just that, at this moment, I've heard more "thanks for using Apple Music" than anything else). 

When those playlists will come out, I have yet to decide on either "the first of the month" or "the first Friday of the month" but I'm open to your opinions. This week we'll be going with the first Friday, just's going to be the 6th tomorrow, and I have a Superbowl to watch...

Hit me up with any questions, comments or concerns here, or on Twitter, and I'll see you tomorrow with the first DSD

-S (@Shauncord

PS: I'll also be playing with the graphic a bit...for now I'm going to stick with one photo for a bit...but maybe change monthly, or weekly....or something to that effect--another thing you can let me know about...

photo credit: FaruSantos Flesh Without Blood via photopin (license)