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Shaun Talks the 2016 Golden Globes (TV)


Shaun Talks the 2016 Golden Globes (TV)

Shaun Cordingley

A companion to my list of hopes, thoughts and ramblings on the film categories, I am also going to give you the same sort of setup for the Television categories at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. There are a few categories where I do not really have a favourite, but I dihave thoughts on every category again.  

The TV side of the Globes is always a little weird as it is this much further away from the Emmys, so they stand as their own award much more rather than on film where common perception is much more about establishing front runners. I don't really pick TV often (read: ever), and I'm sure that will show, but hey, it is part of the Golden Globes, so here we are.

Anyway, here's what I see before the awards (during this Wildcard football game):  

Best Actress in a Mini-Series, TV Movie etc 

Shaun's Heart: Kirsten Dunst  

Shaun's Head: Kirsten Dunst  

Fargo Season 2 was the best television of the year, so this should happen. This better happen.  


Winner: Lady Gaga  

Okay. a horror guy, I'm pleased that some horror won something, but not necessarily over Dunst.  The Globes are looking like they're going to snub Fargo completely and that's insane to me (as this award came after....

Best Actor in a Mini-Series, TV Movie etc. 

Shaun's Heart: Patrick Wilson

Shaun's Head: Patrick Wilson  

I could see Oscar Isaac taking this award for Show Me a Hero, but Fargo.  

Seriously. Fargo.  


Winner: Oscar Isaac

I'm not tremendously surprised, as I stated before, I could say "WHAT?!" but really, Isaac was also pretty darn great. Sad, but congratulations Poe! 

Best Supporting Actress 

Shaun's Heart: Uzo Aduba  

Shaun's Head: Uzo Aduba  

Uzo Aduba. Enough said.  


Winner: Maura Tierney

The Golden Globes still blow my mind sometimes with their off the board nature. Cool, I've never seen The Affair, but yay? 

Best Supporting Actor  

Shaun's Heart: No Comment 

Shaun's Head: Christian Slater  

No real string feelings here, so go Christian Slater


Winner: Christian Slater  

yay! I wasn't blanked on the television was feeling sketchy for a while there. But I suppose that's why I pick Oscars and not Emmys in office pools...happy for Christian Slater, and this Mr. Robot sure sounds snappy.

Best Actress in a Comedy 

Shaun's Heart: Julia-Louis Dreyfus  

Shaun's Head: Julia-Louis Dreyfus  

Well yeah, right? But somehow she didn't win I feel like I'm in for a surprise


Winner: Rachel Bloom  

I've never heard of the show, I don't really watch It's a musical? Or....I don't know...yay....

Best Actor in a Comedy  

Shaun's Heart: Patrick Stewart  

Shaun's Head: Jeffery Tambor  

I like Patrick Stewart, but even with reduced screen time this season, it is hard to imagine Tambor not repeating here.  


Winner: Gael Garcia Bernal  

I like Gael Garcia I need to see this Mozart in the Jungle I suppose.

Best Actress in a Drama  

Shaun's Heart: Tiraji P. Henson 

Shaun's Head: Tiraji P. Henson  

I like her so much...never met her, nothing really to do with her.... just dig her vibe and I hope she wins. 


Winner: Tiraji P. Henson  

Yay! This just makes me happy.  

Best Actor in a Drama  

Shaun's Heart: Wagner Moura

Shaun's Head: Jon Hamm 

I loved Narcos, so much, and Moura was a large part of that, but I could easily see Hamm taking home one last, fair well to Mad Men award.  


Winner: Jon Hamm  

Trust your head. Even when you suck at picking TV, go with your head...

Best Miniseries, TV Movie  

Shaun's Heart: Fargo  

Shaun's Head: Fargo  

I can only say it so many times, so let's just have those fuzzy memories of how bloody good Fargo was this year. If Fargo doesn't win, I think this would be the only category I would be upset about. And that's not just because it was filmed here and I know people who worked on it.  


Winner: Wolf Hall

Yep. I am upset.

This dry series won? Pass. 100% upset (as upset as something like this can really make me...which is less than when my sports team loses...), especially that they were snubbed across the board. For once, I'm looking forward to the Emmys to hopefully see this rectified. I usually say something like "nothing against Wolf Hall..." but i have seen it, and did not care for how they adapted it. Could have done soooo much more with the source material, but hey. Award winning.

I guess I'm clearly not a member of the foreign press 😉 

Best Comedy Series 

Shaun's Heart: Silicon Valley  

Shaun's Head: Transparent  

As much as I love HBO's Silicon Valley, I do acknowledge that the second series wasn't as solid as the first, and I know Transparent, that won last year, got even better. That said, it's the Golden Globes, so get ready for a surprise. Probably. Maybe. 


Winner: Mozart in the Jungle  

I had never heard of it (being in a country without Amazon prime video) sounds cool...I hope I get to actually see it that way I can pick it next year when it loses to something from a network I've never even heard of next year.

Best Drama Series  

Shaun's Heart: Narcos

Shaun's Head: Game of Thrones 

Maybe I will be surprised, maybe something will surprise...but Game of Thrones does look like it is going to roll having already won the Emmy.


Winner: Mr. Robot  

Never seen it, as it is so not on a network we get. Again,I hope to see it and that I stop picking television awards....we'll see if I ever do this again. It's not helping anyone, and I see that now. At least I didn't post these before so you could base your picks on them...

There you go! Hope you enjoyed the awards, the show, and my obviously terrible picks  (3/11, this is why I don't touch TV...or the Golden Globes usually...)

-S (@Shauncord)