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EP128- 'Luke Cage' Reacting to the 'Dunkirk' Teaser


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EP128- 'Luke Cage' Reacting to the 'Dunkirk' Teaser

Shaun Cordingley

Shaun (@Shauncord) and Dave (@davidronn) return this week with another pair of trailer reactions:

First off, for Leo, the Guys tackle the Luke Cage trailer that dropped for the soon-to-be Netflix series. This largely means that we start with Shaun explaining who Luke Cage is, and discussing Netflix series as a whole (both Marvel, and a bit of Stranger Things because DAVE HAS ACTUALLY SEEN IT! ZOMG! WE CAN TALK ABOUT STRANGER THINGS!). As per usual, with most pop culture things, Shaun does spend an awful lot of this segment explaining Marvel things, but they promise they do cover the trailer as well.

Secondly, for Andrew, the Guys discuss the teaser for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. This starts with...well oddly enough, Shaun explaining the 'Battle of Dunkirk' 1940 (a Cliffs Notes version), and then the Guys take a real in depth look at the brief (and super exciting, for history film fans like Shaun and Dave) teaser.

Special Thanks to The Sweets ( for our opening music, and The Left Behinds ( for their song 'Streetlight Owl' to take us out.

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