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TGf{P} EP109- Apocalypse Wines at Recess


Home of The Guys From {PODCAST}, a podcast where Two Guys answer any question they are posed by their audience.

TGf{P} EP109- Apocalypse Wines at Recess

Shaun Cordingley

Back to a more traditional {PODCAST} this week, with Shaun (@Shauncord) and Dave (@davidronn) answering a set of your questions (from our email!):

First off, for Darryl, the guys discuss the best and worst type of apocalypses: generally the Guys talk about how Waterworld doesn't sound that bad of a concept, several other ideas, and how Dave does not want to be strangled by robots or Tom Cruise.

Second, Eric asked us whether we preferred red or white wine--Shaun is a fan of white, and Dave is a fan of red, and the Guys discuss their reasoning, some thoughts on what to do for dinner parties, and how to serve wine in a juice jug.

Lastly, for Phil, the Guys talk about recess, which is mostly reminiscing of growing up in Northern Alberta, what they used to do for recess in both summer and winter, how a lot of their time was spent in a combination of weirdness and sports, and how super fun sledding at school was.

Thanks again to The Sweets ( for our opening music, and for "Prairie Blues" taking us out this week.

We totally answered three questions this week, which means that we totally need more questions from you guys! Send them to our personal twitters, @guysfrompodcast, or via email (like Darryl, Eric and Phil did for this week) at our website of