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EP139- Bad Movie Nights & The "Bad" Horror Movie Hall of Fame


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EP139- Bad Movie Nights & The "Bad" Horror Movie Hall of Fame

Shaun Cordingley

Shaun (@Shaucord) and Dave (@davidronn) get to return to the subject of the first ever podcast this week thanks to Lisa, who asked them to talk about this "Bad Movie Night" thing they always mention, and maybe some of their favorite movies from it. 

Well, they do that in spades: first off the guys, in an excited way that only nostalgia can inspire discuss how they run their "Bad Movie NIghts", including a description of how to make them better than a simple MST3K formula by Shaun stealing an idea from The Count of Monte Cristo.

Then, the guys highlight 14 "bad" (which they lovingly mean, as the movies are often super low budget, and have a lot of problems, but are fun) horror movies--10 that are in Shaun and Dave's hall of fame, including Ghost Game, Ghost Shark and many more, plus 4 that Dave hasn't seen that Shaun needed to make sure were included. 

Thanks again to The Sweets ( for our Opening Music, and for "Prairie Blues" to take us out--and we hope that you will check out The Sweets' forthcoming EP release!

Send us your questions! After next week, we are wide open to all topics once again, and are ready for whatever you've got. Hit us up individually on Twitter, together @guysfrompodcast, or via email on our website