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TGf{P} EP082- Wha' Happened Cowboy Emmys?


Home of The Guys From {PODCAST}, a podcast where Two Guys answer any question they are posed by their audience.

TGf{P} EP082- Wha' Happened Cowboy Emmys?

Shaun Cordingley

Shaun (@Shauncord) and Dave (@davidronn) sit down and answer three questions...well two:

First off Dave asks what happened to the old website/podcast host/stream etc., and Shaun describes why everything suddenly changed in the transfer over to (WE'RE HAPPY YOU'RE HERE!)

Second, for Tim, the guys discuss what the appeal of Country music, and cowboys are, which is mostly a Dave topic, as he sees the appeal of country stuff much more than Shaun.  The guys focus mostly is on music (and of course, meanders into other musical territories), horses, and a philosophical twist by Shaun.

Lastly, for Terry, the guys talk about the Emmys 2015 (which, Dave obviously didn't watch) and they discuss the evolving nature of television with streaming...and you know, how happy they are for Jon Hamm.

Special thanks to The Sweets ( for our opening music, and for their song 'Prairie Blues' taking us out for Episode 82! 

Sorry about the abrupt ending to the episode folks; turns out we were not completely through our technical hiccups for the week and we lost a few is awesome!