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DSD February 1, 2018: "Cowards Castle" - Monti


The Guys from {MUSIC}

DSD February 1, 2018: "Cowards Castle" - Monti

Shaun Cordingley

Welcome to the "Daily Song Drop":'s song of the day feature where our resident indie music writer and former DJ Shaun Cordingley features a song every weekday that he feels you need to hear. If you enjoy the track, please share it, so we can keep on talking about great new music!

Cowards Castle - Monti

Starting off the Daily Song Drop for February 2018 we have a new video from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lauren Silva AKA Monti for her debut single "Cowards Castle" which you can check out below: 

Monti has a beautiful, soulful voice which is excellent for a deeper, more emotionally driven indie pop sound like what she has delivered in "Cowards Castle". I really appreciate that the track is a lush combination of indie electronic beats, synth, and a kicking 1980's arena rock guitar (that slams into you in the best way possible when it kicks in), but everything is layered perfectly to highlight Monti's lyrics and vocals. Josh Stevens' production on "Cowards Castle" elevates Monti's debut single into something that has the emotional resonance the subject matter deserves, not to mention help a talented, up-and-coming singer/songwriter stand out in the indie pop crowd. 

If you dig "Cowards Castle" then do check out Monti's second single "Echo", which again features Monti's beautiful vocals and lyrics, but wraps them into an uplifting, pop-chant that you are going to have trouble not singing along to. I honestly couldn't decide which track I wanted to feature before, but decided to go with her debut single as it is so rare to have a debut that good.

For the first time ever on, here is the December Apple Music Playlist, and the December '17 Spotify Playlist! I decided that, rather than making myself crazy with a hybrid list between the two months (and thanks to the fact that I did a feature-full month) I would put this one together, which just means that the January playlist will be a tad shorter than most thanks to the TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 (with the in countdown order Apple Music TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 as Well as the Spotify TGF Top 50 Songs of 2017 playlists here)

If you're looking for any of our past playlists, be sure to check out a Friday DSD feature, or search for theguysfrom on either Apple Music or Spotify!

See you tomorrow for our next Daily Song Drop, and the January 2018 playlists! 

-S (@Shauncord

The Guys From do not hold the rights to any "Daily Song Drop" songs, it is more our hope to expose our readers to new and different music that we are enjoying, or re-expose them to artists they may have forgotten about.

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photo credit: ralfpreuss Frames within Frames via photopin (license)