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Throwback Tracks -- September 28, 2017


The Guys from {MUSIC}

Throwback Tracks -- September 28, 2017

David R. Smith

Here we are! The end of a month of (sort of) punk music! It's been fun rummaging up songs from the was-before for you guys. Now, as I'm in the middle of trying to finish writing a lecture, I'm going to make this brief so I can get back to that. 

Let me just say, it's been a fun month, and if you want to see different themes kind of like this one, I'm more than happy to do that. Just tell me what theme you want and I'll make it so. 

The Guys From do not hold the rights to any of these songs, it is more our hope to expose our readers to new (*cough*) and different retro music, or re-expose them to things they may have forgotten about.

At the top of each section, will be the song name, followed by the artists' name linked to their website (if possible...which is totally hit and miss with oldies), so you can fall down the rabbit hole, finding and supporting what you dig.

I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones

Classic American punk, am I right? The Ramones weren't necessarily the most talented group, but they were damned entertaining! Their stuff was short and sweet, it also didn't have a lot of the classic punk subject that so many other groups sang about. They didn't seem as rebellious. But then again... what do I know? It's just good music. Plus they were on the Simpsons, so how bad could they be?

Rise Above - Black Flag

This isn't a band I know a lot about. I didn't listen to a lot of their stuff, as it seemed just a bit... too.. extreme. But they're punk and they fit the motif! 

And now the lead singer, Henry Rollins, is a motivational speaker. What the hell? How on earth does that happen? It's remarkable how people who fought the system are now part of it. My god. Life is funny. 

Speaking of life is funny...

Difference - Belvedere

This was really the first punk band I ever got into. I can thank my high school friends for this! I'm also fairly certain that this was the first of their songs I heard. 

I saw these guys a few times in high school, including at a tennis court in Swan Hills. It was awesome. As I was there, I bought a hoodie of theirs from their first album (also my first band hoodie.) I still have that hoodie.

Fast forward about 7 years, I'm doing house renovations and as a result, I'm awake at the ass-crack of dawn. I pull my hoodie on, head to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. The guy behind the counter says "it's nice to see a few Belvedere hoodies are still out there." I look at him and realize, the son of a bitch is the lead singer of Belvedere!


Jack That Tastes Like Rye - Downway

Great, great tune. It's got a stellar opening, the tempo gets faster and faster, and the message is... well it's just about boozing. 

Not bad for a little band from Calgary, am I right?

Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks

I never knew these guys growing up. I still don't listen to them, really. I like what I've heard, I just don't have any of their stuff.

But they opened for Pearl Jam and anybody who opens for Pearl Jam is good enough for me! 

I told you it was going to be fast and sweet this week. I'm sorry I couldn't get into much more detail than this. But things are pressing and I've work to do! 

Next month, I'll try to get more detail for you! I'll see what I can do! And, as per usual, here are all the old Throwback Track playlists, including the August Throwback Track playlists for both Apple Music and Spotify.


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-D (@davidronn)

photo credit: MattWPBS Ramones via photopin (license)