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DSD April 6, 2017: "Don't Take the Money" - Bleachers


The Guys from {MUSIC}

DSD April 6, 2017: "Don't Take the Money" - Bleachers

Shaun Cordingley

Welcome to the "Daily Song Drop":'s song of the day feature where our resident indie music writer and former DJ Shaun Cordingley features a song every weekday that he feels you need to hear. 

Don't Take the Money - Bleachers

I know Bleachers is going to seem a little out of place when compared to a lot of the artists I like to talk about on Daily Song Drop (considering there are Billboard interviews, and a piece in USA Today), but...I am a massive fan, and considering how many times I've been willing to talk about Beck in here, I am not going to pass up this opportunity ("I Wanna Get Better" was my song of the year for let's be fair....this was going to happen). 

Jack Antonoff is back with the first single off of what will be his second album (since leaving fun.) in "Don't Take the Money" which features Lorde on backing vocals (Antonoff is also co-producing Lorde's upcoming Melodrama). This is Bleachers to it's core: sweeping (feeling designed to be heard in an arena, or pumping through fantastic headphones--believe me it sounds amazing on studio headphones). 

Check out the audio below: 

Honestly, Antonoff is probably my favourite lyricist working today (look that up, and tell me you don't like those Taylor Swift, Sia, or Lorde songs), and that is evidenced again in "Don't Take the Money"; being able to talk about his relationship (specifically a fight), and the emptiness of a lot of pop music at the same time, but never making it feel anything beyond personal...

...and putting that atop an arena ready sound...

Bleachers man. 

From the sounds of it, we can expect the new album to come out sometime this summer, so...probably brace yourself for me to talk about it then (if "Don't Take the Money" is any indication. 

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-S (@Shauncord

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