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Tuesday Tunes--November 17, 2015


The Guys from {MUSIC}

Tuesday Tunes--November 17, 2015

Shaun Cordingley

This week we have a bit of an eclectic mix of songs, and you may get the impression that I am feeling a little down. There is a bit of a split this week with reminding you about a few songs that you may never have heard (or just forgot about) and some brand new tunes.

The Guys From do not hold the rights to any of these songs, it is more our hope to expose our readers to new and different music, or re-expose them to things they may have forgotten about.

At the top of each section, will be the song name, followed by the artists' name linked to their website, so you can fall down the rabbit hole, finding and supporting what you dig.

Spirits - The Strumbellas

Starting this week off is the first single off of Toronto-based indie folk rock band The Strumbellas' forthcoming third studio album Hope. This is such a warm song about making the most of your time, even if your head is not 100%...depression is a tricky foe, and this song is so dead-on relatable, and upbeat, that it is something of a comfortable blanket on a bad day. It is just one of those feel good songs, about fighting through those tough times that has worked time and again to pick me up when I am feeling down...and sometimes you just need a few of these songs.

Look: it's got piano, guitar, drums, bells...Plus, this "alt-country" or "grasspop" is probably as close as a Tuesday Tunes will ever get to a country song, so enjoy that while you can, country fans.

Faultlines- Lanterns on the Lake

Lanterns on the Lake are an indie rock band from Newcastle-upon-tyne, UK, who just released their third studio album on the 13th of November (called Beings). 'Faultlines' is a slightly melancholy song punctuated by the beautiful use of piano complimenting singer Hazel Wilde's wistful lyrics (and voice). This is one of those softer, rock songs from a band with a strong socio-political conscience that works, as it is an excellent song that continues to get better every time you hear it, even if it is a little sad.

Laura Palmer's Prom - You Say Party!

This is one of those bands that got very big on campus radio at the end of the last decade with their third album XXX, and then, due to the tragic death of their drummer Dennis Clifford in 2010, dropped the 'we say die' from the end of their band name, underwent a plethora of turnover in the band, had an hiatus, and then came back recently with their 2014 EP DECCENIUM for their 10th anniversary.

While completely justifiable and understandable, it is a shame that You Say Party faded away, and has not really regained their former standing,. I have personally always been fondest of this early 2011 song (right before the band announced their break), as it is an amazing tribute to Twin Peaks, and just another example of how fun You Say Party videos (and lyrics) are. This is one of those songs that I have had in my head for years, and now you can enjoy that feeling too.

White Tiger - Izzy Bizu

London born Soul/R&B pop artist Izzy Bizu has her debut album due to come out early next year called A Moment of Madness, and if you are at all into fusions of soul, pop, funk, or even jazz then it is time to get Bizu onto your radar. A wonderful voice, an upbeat song that you almost want to clap along to (which I do not recommend when you're on say...a train), and an awesome video that tours through Morocco a bit, 'White Tiger' is just one of those songs that maybe you cannot explain why its good, but it is. Very.


Children's Work - Dessa

Margret Wander (aka Dessa) is a spoken word artist, writer and rapper, and member of the Minneapolis indie-hop hop collective Doomtree. 'Children's Work' is a song from her debut studio album A Badly Broken Code (2010) and has been a song that I have been listening to for years. While she does not particularly rhyme fast (this is far from KC Chop), the poetic beauty of her lyrics is striking. 'Children's Work' is no exception: Dessa is one of those artists who really takes the synthesis of poetry and hip hop to a beautiful level that few other artists can compare to.

While she continues to tour and do excellent work (releasing two further studio albums since Code), she is criminally under-appreciated. To me, what better way to introduce (most of) you to Dessa than with the song that I first discovered her to.

In case you haven't noticed yet, knowing that a lot of folks are on the go, I have also compiled the October Tuesday Tunes into one handy Apple Music Playlist for your listening pleasure. Being a former DJ, I also could not just throw them on a list, so I put it together like they were in a set.

Support what you dig! It's soooo much cheaper than anything else out there.  You cannot even buy a soda for what one of the songs listed here would cost you....

See you again next Tuesday with 5 more tracks.