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The Guys' Top 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2016


The Guys' Top 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2016

Shaun Cordingley

While I do recognize the fact that there will always be games released that I do not see coming, or an indie game that blows my socks off, thus requiring me to go purchase new, fancier socks, I cannot lie and suggest that I do not have a set of PS4 games that I am really looking forward to trying out in 2016. Now while not all of these games will be PlayStation exclusives, they are games that will appear on the PS4, thus it will be where I would be playing them.

As we are going to be taking a holiday break here for a couple of weeks at (outside of the {PODCAST}), now seemed like the perfect time to deliver my without further ado:

Firewatch - February 9, 2016

First person indie adventure game set in the 1980s where you get to piece together a mystery? Some of the best gaming bits of 2015 for me (which I will get to in the future when we do some looking back here on were with indie games, so Firewatch is definitely one that I cannot wait to get my hands on.

Far Cry Primal - February 23, 2016

Considering I wrote an entire article about Far Cry Primal, I will be brief: I love the Far Cry series, I have a minor in history (started my University career in Archaeology and Art History) so this is right in my wheelhouse, and it's a caveman 'FPS' where I can call a giant owl and pet sabre-tooth tigers.

I am so in.

Hitman - March 11, 2016

I am a sucker for Hitman games; they are generally always my stealth game of choice (take that MGS), and I am very, very ready for a new Hitman, as there is just something about the intricate planning and execution of assassinations that I find fascinating. Some of my favourite gaming stories come from the Hitman franchise, and the concept of expanded contracts mode, the sandbox nature of every mission, and the endless challenge makes this one of the games I am looking forward to the most, and one that I miss having on my console the most (because there are just those bad work days where I want to poison everybody).

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - March 18, 2016

Look, this one is basically a no-brainer so I will not dwell on it too long:

1) It's the finale of Nathan Drake's story, the final Uncharted (at least done by Naughty Dog), and the first one on the next gen platform.

2) I'm a PlayStation guy, which means I have obviously played the hell out of, and adore the first three (I know one is choppy, but man...2 and 3)

3) It's basically an amazing pulp adventure game that delivers 10-12 hours of ridiculously awesome game play and story...and that is not something I have gotten on PS4 yet...and I mean, look at that trailer and tell me you don't want to see that movie, let alone play that game.

No Man's Sky - June 2016

Anyone who has spent any time listening to our {PODCAST}, talking to me on Twitter, or even reading anything we have been writing about video games around here knows that I am ridiculously excited for No Man's Sky, and I have been telling you so for years.

And now we are finally getting it...I just...this is the space game that I have always wanted (I hope)...I just hope against hope that this delivers on the promise of what it could be (a universe to explore, be a pirate in, merchant out that is seemingly infinite).

And yeah, I want to name a bunch of things Snozzwogglers.

Dishonored 2 - Spring (?) 2016

The first Dishonored sort of snuck up on me, and became one of my favourite stealth-action/adventure games on the PS3. There is just something about the amazing steampunk world that Bethesda and Arcane constructed that works for me, and I cannot wait to get back into sneaking around, and then stabbing robots in the face (because robots are jerks like that).

Mass Effect Andromeda - Q4 2016

The start of the next-generation Mass Effect is one of those games that suggests it will be out in 2016, so it instantly makes this list. Mass Effect is one of my absolute favourite trilogies from last gen, and the third person action-rpg series is one that I am very much looking forward to getting right back into.

I am one of those guys who spent hours just prospecting and harvesting minerals on planets in Mass Effect 2 because I just wanted to spend more time with my albino-african John Waters (character creation screens are the best).

Persona 5 - ??? 2016

I have never played a Persona game, but that is more because they have never been available to me, on something I own, at the right time...but as a jrpg fan, I have heard so, so much about the Persona series, and having seen gameplay, and the cat with a bandanna, I am now pretty much 100% sure that this is one of those games that I cannot wait to play. The only trick being, I have no idea when it is going to show up here, but the wind says 2016, so I'll listen and it's on this list.

Hellblade - ??? 2016

I know practically nothing about Hellblade beyond the fact that it is based on Celtic myth, and deals with a journey through a hellish underworld (that may or may not have a great deal to do with mental illness). This is a game that, out of all of them, I would not be at all surprised if it slipped out of this year, but it seems like they are still targeting 2016 for release. I am very much looking forward to seeing more about this hack/slash(?) game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - ??? 2016

Speaking of cavemen, I'm all in for this third-person rpg where you get to be future cavemen fighting AI robot...dinosaur monsters.

It looks gorgeous, and like it is going to be a pile of fun, and I really hope that it does actually come out in 2016, but preferably later in the year, based on when everything else is coming out so far...that said, if Guerrilla Games needs to push it back to get this game right (and presumably roll out a new PlayStation exclusive franchise), that's fine by me...I can hit up some honorable mentions:

A few shoutouts as well to a few games that, while I am looking forward to them, I am a little more cautious/need to be in the right mood to play: Doom, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Last Guardian, Adr1ft, and Final Fantasy XV

Thanks to PlayStation, Gamespot, and IGN for posting all these trailers and demos.

What are you more anticipated games for 2016 (on any system)? Let us know in the comments below

-S (@Shauncord)