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'Far Cry Primal' Announced- Apparently They Listened


'Far Cry Primal' Announced- Apparently They Listened

Shaun Cordingley

Well, when I wrote this letter to First Person Shooters last week, I cannot say that I expected things to happen this admittedly, this is not an announcement from the Call of Duty franchise, but it comes from an adventure FPS series that I hold quite close to my heart: Far Cry.

The last two Far Cry games have probably been personal favourites in the FPS genre for me, particularly 4 ( there is a long story involving a pair of power outages and a corrupted save file for 3) and waking up this morning to find a swarm of amazing announcement news about Far Cry Primal...a first person shooter without guns.

The FPS genre is going into the past, like I was hoping, however it is going roughly 12,000 years further back than I expected:

There is literally no way I can express how excited this makes me: I spent a year in the Archaeology department at University (before switching into Theatre-Directing and European History), it is something completely different for the genre, yet promising to maintain the spectacular game play systems Ubisoft Montreal and the Far Cry teams are known for.

Think about how completely different a game this is; have you ever played a game (Caveman Olympics & The Adventures of Dino Riki on the NES aside) that is set in this era? That is attempting to faithfully re-create a paleolithic world, in gorgeous HD, that will allow the player to go mammoth hunting?  No. This did not exist...yet...

Now, February 23, 2016, we are getting a game that is trying something different, dare we say, innovating on a rather stale genre, and I for one hope to high heaven that it is as good as this first trailer makes it look. I have a huge amount of confidence in the Far Cryteam to deliver a living, and dangerous world as well, as their game engine for 4 handled elephants and tigers spectacularly.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens when those elephants and tigers are bigger and meaner, and you the player only have a chipped stone spear...