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TGF Classic Movie Watchlist Update


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TGF Classic Movie Watchlist Update

Shaun Cordingley

Hallo TGF readers! 

A couple of weeks back, I put up a "Classic Movie Watchlist", which is essentially what I do for Dave, in going through Turner Classic Movies and put together a list talking about what I think holds up, and is worth watching for the movie fan...because I know that classic film can be intimidating to get in to because there are about a gazillion films. I said that I would need to hear from folks in order to keep doing what I did last week, as it is a fairly robust time commitment on my part to put it together (time I could spend on other things around the site). 

Well, what I have heard is a resounding "meh": traffic and shares were quite low, and no one talked to me about it. 
At all.
Like, not even to tell me I suck (it's the internet, I mean fuck me...that's saying something)

So I will not be continuing with the idea UNLESS I hear a resounding amount of stress about the fact that I've pulled it FROM YOU, and will instead be looking into different ideas to keep the Film section more active than it has been in the New Year. 

It is always up to you, dear readers, so if this remains a "meh", no harm no foul, I'll just move on and bother you with other things...but if it's something you do actually want (and you're just being quiet about it)...well now is the time to speak up.

-S (@Shauncord