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Shaun Talks the 2016 Golden Globes (Film)


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Shaun Talks the 2016 Golden Globes (Film)

Shaun Cordingley

The beginning of the popular awards season is upon us once again with the Golden Globes. While they are not necessarily a straight up indicator of how the Oscars (or the Emmys) will go, the relaxed affair is generally a good time, and can give the office poolies some hints to where to look later in the year. Or, perhaps it can expose more people to some of the smaller films of the year.

Regardless, my plan here is to give you what I am thinking before the awards show (written during some dull NFL Playoff games), followed by a quick blurb on the winner. I have also done this for the television side, which you can find here. This is different than the full on pre-show picks you will find for The Oscars (which even Dave will contribute to), because really, the Globes are meant to be a bit more chill.

Oh, and Ricky Gervais was fine--hosting really is a thankless job, and I cannot say I expected anything other than what we got, so yeah. I had a few laughs, and I enjoyed myself (seemingly more than he did).

Without further ado:  

Foreign Langauge Film

Shaun's Heart: Son of Saul  

Shaun's Head: Son of Saul

I mentioned this film before, as this Hungarian film has been getting a lot of buzz (to the point that I knew about it here, in my living room, without it getting anywhere near a cinema in my city. I could be surprised, but I doubt it...


Winner: Son of Saul  

Like I said.

First award win for Hungary, and I would imagine if you will hear this name again in about a month and a half...cannot wait to see this film (even though I am sure to be horribly sad at the end, being that is is a Holocaust film).

Animated Film

Shaun's Heart: Inside Out

Shaun's Head: Inside Out  

Bet on Pixar. Always. Sometimes you lose, but it's rare, and I doubt it here.  


Winner: Inside Out

It's almost like being able to bet on the house winning.  

Original Song  

Shaun's Heart: "Love Me Like You Do" -Ellie Goulding  

Shaun's Head: "One Kind of Love" -Love & Mercy  

Goulding's song made my Top 10 songs of the year (period), so I obviously want this one to win, but what I hear is a lot of love for Love & Mercy. It feels like an open category, despite the fact that usually this is James Bond theme country, but that Sam Smith song... 


Winner: "Writings on the Wall" - Sam Smith

Well, the HFPA must've liked this Sam Smith song more than everyone else...but that's cool, it's a Bond song, so it's not a massive surprise, yet it just didn't resonate with me at all, so I'm personally a bit befuddled. I wonder if it will continue to win...maybe this is an awards show just, yeah...Brian Wilson? Ellie Goulding? Even that Wiz Khalifa song had more in it for me, and I'm not even a Furious fan...

Original Score  

Shaun's Heart: The Hateful Eight  

Shaun's Head: The Hateful Eight  



Winner: The Hateful Eight  



Original Screenplay  

Shaun's Heart: The Hateful Eight  

Shaun's Head: The Big Short  

I always like Quentin when it comes to script awards, and generally love his movies, but this category comes down to (in my opinion) the two early 'Best Picture' favourites in The Big Short and Spotlight. As a decider, I went for what I did with the thought that Spotlight has slightly less HFPA appeal...because...Boston?  


Winner: Steve Jobs  

Aaron Sorkin. The man is a brilliant writer, so I cannot be too blown away, I just did not think that Steve Jobs had their awards legs. My bad. 

Best Supporting Actress

Shaun's Heart: Alicia Vikander  

Shaun's Head: Jennifer Jason Leigh  

I am at a bit of a loss here, so to be honest, I am leaning toward Leigh because it's hard to bet against Tarantino in supporting actor categories...


Winner: Kate Winslet  

I am surprised, but again, I did not see the Steve Jobs awards coming at all, but then again, she really anchors the movie, and it's an Aaron Sorkin script.  

Best Supporting Actor  

Shaun's Heart: Sylvester Stallone  

Shaun's Head: Mark Rylance  

I have such a soft spot for Rocky, but I can't say I that Mark Rylance isn't (nor shouldn't be) the favourite. It's a great performance...but Creed....


Winner: Sylvester Stallone

Well my heart is pleased. Rocky!!! 

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical)  

Shaun's Heart: Amy Schumer  

Shaun's Head: Jennifer Lawrence

I could see Jennifer Lawrence nipping this one, but there's just something here that makes my heart really think that Schumer is going to take this one home for Trainwreck. Gut check I guess. Go with your head....but love your heart. 


Winner: Jennifer Lawrence  

Listen to your head. Always listen to your head.  

Best Actor (Comedy/Musical)  

Shaun's Heart: Matt Damon

Shaun's Head: Matt Damon

Matt Damon!  


Winner: Matt Damon


Best Actress (Drama)  

Shaun's Heart: Saiorse Ronan  

Shaun's Head: Brie Larson

A super tight category, but I will go with my earlier 50/50 shot here, but I cannot say I'm supremely confident (in guessing what 90 press folks vote...)  


Winner: Brie Larson

Brie Larson and Saiorse Ronan at a 50/50, and Larson wins. Now the unenviable task of trying to figure out what this is going to mean going forward toward Oscar Pool season. Ugh.

Congratulations to Brie Larson! 

Best Actor (Drama)  

Shaun's Heart: Michael Fassbender  

Shaun's Head: Leonardo DiCaprio  

I wish the nomination was for Macbeth rather than the (sort of flop) Steve Jobs bio pic, but in the end it is sounding like it might finally be DiCaprio's year. I mean we better give him an award before he drowns himself trying... 


Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio

No one should be surprised here: Bear. Fight.  

Best Director 

Shaun's Heart: George Miller  

Shaun's Head: Ridley Scott  

I would love to see Miller get this one, I really, really would, but I am just not ready to believe in that dream. Instead I can see Scott winning this one for The Martian as the films' second big its not winning a bigger one in my it's not a comedy/musical...but then again, it is the HFPA (guessing what they're going to do is a road to insanity)


Winner: Alejandro G. Iñárritu 

Surprised. Did not see this coming, but it was a tight category...I cannot say I agree with it from personal preference..,but I am not HFPA, and that bear fight man. Cool. 

I still feel George Miller should've won.

Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)  

Shaun's Heart: The Big Short 

Shaun's Head: The Big Short  

One of the two early front runners I the Oscar race, it should probably start winning here, unless something crazy happens...


Winner: The Martian

Might be the best musical I have ever seen. Hilarious. And that final number: wow.  Seriously though,'s a little crazy, but fine....

Am I overestimating The Big Short? Perhaps , but I will wait until the next wave to count it out of the Oscar running...but maybe the Anchorman ghost is haunting Adam McKay a bit...

Best Motion Picture (Drama)  

Shaun's Heart: Mad Max: Fury Road 

Shaun's Head: Spotlight  

As much as I want Mad Max to win this award, and as I have already given it my movie of the year, this would be a win I would adore. However, I'm not really ready to discount the other Best Picture front runner yet. I'd love an upset here, but heads do not dig upsets. 


 Winner: The Revenant

An upset, but not a surprise once Director swung this direction. I can see why, but maybe there's something to the fact that I do not really jive with AGI's films...

Now to see where this crazy road goes. Perhaps this will double up, but keep last years' Boyhood win in mind when making your picks. It could happen that Revenant rolls through from here and takes the Best Picture Oscar, but don't lock it in yet.

Onwards Award season rolls, and we will see how things shape up on the road to the Academy Awards! Where I promise to try harder. 

Or I'll just eat some popcorn.  

That is the more likely future, if I'm being honest.  

-S (@Shauncord)